Resources to Grow in Faith During Lent


Making a Crown of Thorns

While you fast during Lent, you could also make a crown of thorns to remind you of how Jesus suffered for us. You can make one from play dough:

or from salt dough

Ideas to Help with Fasting
  • take smaller servings
  • bring a healthy food donation to church
  • pray for those who don't have enough food when I feel hungry

Making a Sacrifice Tree

Giving up something or doing something extra for Lent is hard, and it is so tempting to give up or complain. At you can find directions for making a "sacrifice tree" to help you and your family stay on track.


Making a Lenten Calendar
Here is a link to a calendar created by The Purposeful Mom available for your child to color: Colorable Lenten Calendar

Making Prayer Starters

It is important for children to learn to pray independently. You can find ideas to help them at


Making a Rosary with Your Children

You can find directions to make a simple 1-decade Rosary at


A Montessori Style Lenten Tray

For a flexible Lenten activity you can adapt to what is most meaningful for you and your children, go to


Who Can You Pray For?

Think of three people: maybe one in your family, one at school or work, and one at church.


Building a Model of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is such an important part of Holy Week.  As the end of Lent comes nearer, you can build a model of Jerusalem with blocks so you and your children can go more deeply into the story. Directions are at


Catholic Podcasts for Adults
While you are helping your family, don't neglect yourself. The Diocese of Green Bay put together this list of some podcasts to engage your faith during Lent:

Learn to Braid Palms
Here's a link to a YouTube tutorial on how to weave a lapel cross from palm fronds:

Teaching the Holy Week Story with Resurrection Eggs

Here's a craft you can use to teach your children about the stories of Holy Week, from Passion Sunday to Easter!