Resources to Grow in Faith During Lent


Making a Crown of Thorns

While you fast during Lent, you could also make a crown of thorns to remind you of how Jesus suffered for us. You can make one from play dough:

or from salt dough

Ideas to Help with Fasting
  • take smaller servings
  • bring a healthy food donation to church
  • pray for those who don't have enough food when I feel hungry

Making a Sacrifice Tree

Giving up something or doing something extra for Lent is hard, and it is so tempting to give up or complain. At you can find directions for making a "sacrifice tree" to help you and your family stay on track.


Making a Lenten Calendar
Here is a link to a calendar created by The Purposeful Mom available for your child to color: Colorable Lenten Calendar

Making Prayer Starters

It is important for children to learn to pray independently. You can find ideas to help them at


Making a Rosary with Your Children

You can find directions to make a simple 1-decade Rosary at


A Montessori Style Lenten Tray

For a flexible Lenten activity you can adapt to what is most meaningful for you and your children, go to


Who Can You Pray For?

Think of three people: maybe one in your family, one at school or work, and one at church.


Building a Model of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is such an important part of Holy Week.  As the end of Lent comes nearer, you can build a model of Jerusalem with blocks so you and your children can go more deeply into the story. Directions are at

Other Lenten Resources

Formed - movies for all family members

Catholic Kids

Catholic Central

Journeying Together through Lent


Learn to Braid Palms
Here's a link to a YouTube tutorial on how to weave a lapel cross from palm fronds:

Teaching the Holy Week Story with Resurrection Eggs

Here's a craft you can use to teach your children about the stories of Holy Week, from Passion Sunday to Easter!