"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" Matthew 28:19

Jesus did not tell us all to go and make parishes, or study groups, or nice people. He told us to make disciples. And what does it mean to be a disciple? It is all about renewing our personal encounter with Our Lord and learning to journey in life and faith with Him each day.

Keeping in mind that God is the one who has initiated this process of growing and maturing in faith, and in harmony with the Diocesan Go Make Disciples Evangelization initiative, here are our priorities for the next 2-3 years.

Priority 1: Nurturing a Personal Relationship with Jesus
     • Goal 1: By April, 2024, St. Thomas Aquinas will increase participation in small groups by 10%, from 211 to 232 people.
     • Goal 2: According to the DMI, 20% of respondents (88 out of 442 people) have attended a retreat. By April, 2024, St. Thomas Aquinas will increase that percentage to 30% (132 people).

Priority 2: Developing greater engagement of young adults, including families with young children
     • Goal 1: By April, 2024, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish will have a 100% increase in the number of families registered for faith formation/sacramental preparation (for children of catechetical age), from 145 to 290 households.
     • Goal 2: By April, 2024, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish will develop and involve 25% of newly married couples, parents of newly baptized children, newly initiated, or newly registered young adults in follow-up opportunities.

Three Starter Strategies: There are several things we felt we needed to establish or reenergize in order to support our key efforts of reaching the goals listed above. Once an initial investment is made in these three teams, they will become ongoing ministries in the parish.
     1. Interview Ministry Team
         For us to better understand where young adults, and other parishioners, are at in their spiritual life and how to help them nurture a relationship with Jesus, we need to get to know them.
     2. Hospitality Ministry
         Food and hospitality are key pieces of feeling welcome and at home, building a sense of community and openness to growing in faith together
     3. Childcare Ministry
         For families with young children to attend a retreat or other opportunities for growth in faith, there needs to be childcare offered.

We invite you to help St. Thomas Aquinas more fully become a place where people experience Jesus in a way that changes how they live. Bring your prayerful, creative thinking.
Bring your openness to the Holy Spirit. 
Contact Jennifer Ludtke, Director of Evangelization, at 833-2606 or jennifer@stamadison.org
to discern how God may be calling you to grow as an intentional disciple!


Meet the people who love working at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.



Established in 1958 on the far west side of Madison, WI, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church has grown to 1,600+ families. With wise planning, the charter members designed a facility prepared to grow.

Today, we joyfully serve a vibrant community which includes new immigrants, young families, "empty-nesters" and a growing number of Spanish-speaking families.

In the early days, the parish community had no church — just a vision and some land on the corner of Rosa and Mineral Point Rd. known as the “bean patch.” A trailer at the “bean patch” served as the rectory for our first pastor, Fr Arnold Lehman. Needless to say, we've moved, grown and matured since then.



We are dedicated to our patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, whose most notable achievement was writing the Summa Theologica, perhaps the most important detailed exposition on the proofs of God and the Catholic faith. St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron of students and universities. We celebrate his feast day on January 28th.

Learn more about our patron Saint Thomas Aquinas at Catholic.org