Shedding the Light

The Holy Spirit is alive and moving in our Church!

Why are we facing a crisis of discipleship in the Catholic faith? With Mass attendance and baptisms down, we can see that many Catholics have wandered away from the gift of faith. Could it be that the Church has failed to convince people that we experience more than just a distant encounter with God at Mass? In truth, Jesus —the very heart of our religion — seeks more than that. He craves a real, embracing friendship. Ours is not a distant God demanding perfection. Instead, He is a present and loving God, beckoning us to walk with Him and not walk alone. But somewhere along the line, we’ve forgotten to get this message out.

At St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish in Madison, WI, we’ve decided to take a couple steps back in how we teach the faith. We are focusing on ‘pre-evangelization’ that invites people into a friendship with Jesus. Once you understand His desire to walk intimately with you throughout the journey of your life, the teachings and rules of the Catholic faith make a lot more sense.
We invite people to come, and to simply begin. Because we understand that our world makes it tough to be a person of faith, we start with simply welcoming you to St. Thomas Aquinas. Come experience the New Evangelization!