Why did STA do the ME25 (Memeber Engagement Survey)? What did we learn? What does it mean?

For the past year and a half, Fr. Bart and the St. Thomas Aquinas staff realized more clearly than ever that there was a crisis – a crisis of faith and discipleship, of fewer and fewer people finding faith meaningful in their lives, and more and more people perceiving the Church as irrelevant, or worse, harmful. The statistics were shocking. It galvanized us to take a piercing look at where we were as a parish, and what we should be doing to get back on track…to move from maintenance to mission…from looking in to looking out…from living faith as an obligation to becoming fully aware of the personal love of Jesus and how that love changes all we do and are. We developed a five year plan, with specific programmatic tools (like Alpha), to begin opening our hearts and minds to the transformation of the Holy Spirit. But we were going to need more than anecdotal evidence to see if our changes were making a difference. That is the role of the ME25 – to give us a baseline measurement of parishioner engagement, against which we can measure our progress.