Covid Protocol Changes in the Mass

We continue to carefully implement changes to our protocols for the celebration of Mass based on the end of the Dane County Emergency Order on June 2, guidance from the Diocese of Madison, and new guidelines from the CDC.

How Are We Keeping Everyone Safe?
  1. We still encourage all parishioners to continue wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing their hands upon entering the building and before/after receiving Holy Communion. (It is important to note that the CDC recommends that only those who have been fully vaccinated should consider being in an indoor public space without a mask. Face coverings continue to be strongly encouraged for anyone who has not been fully vaccinated, for those who are in a risk category, and for those who sing.)
  2. We are committed to continuing our additional safety and cleaning measures, including the cleaning of door handles, bathroom cleaning, and touch surfaces.
  3. Priests, Deacons, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will continue to sanitize their hands and wear masks during the distribution of Holy Communion.
  4. In addition, our HVAC system ensures that fresh air is always entering the building, and an iWave Air Purifying System cleans the air of any particles and viruses, keeping the air inside our building fresh and clean at all times.

Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow parishioners, whose comfort levels range widely.

A Projected Timeline of Changes

According to the Diocesan recommendations, Holy Water was once again available in the Holy Water Fonts throughout the church last weekend.

Beginning the weekend of June 5-6:

  1. Mask wearing is strongly encouraged but not required.
  2. You will no longer need to contact the parish office or Terri to sign up for Mass attendance.
  3. Gift Presenters will bring up the gifts.
  4. The assembly will come forward to receive Holy Communion. Ushers will assist with social distancing. Those sitting in the Padded Chairs will continue to stay in place, and Communion will be brought to you.
  5. Ministers will no longer come to you to sanitize your hands before Communion. However, hand sanitizer will be available to use before receiving Communion, and for the Extraordinary Ministers in the event that they need to re-sanitize their hands during the distribution of Holy Communion.

Beginning the weekend of June 12-13, we will resume singing. We ask you to wear a mask if you wish to sing.  We are also continuing to revise how we process for communion in order to maintain social distancing. Here is the revised diagram of the flow for Holy Communion: Revised Communion Flow Diagram

Mask Guidelines:

Mask wearing is still encouraged. St. Thomas Aquinas parish will continue observing the CDC guidelines. We ask people to please wear a mask if you:

  1. are vulnerable,
  2. are not vaccinated,
  3. have any symptoms of COVID, any other virus, or even a cough, or
  4. want to sing.

We will continue to live-stream all Masses.

The staff will continue to track the CDC guidelines and make changes where recommended. Thank you for being so careful during this past year-and-a-half and know how grateful we are that St. Thomas Aquinas has been a place where people feel comfortable coming to pray together!