Worship by Live-Stream

We welcome you to our Masses by live-stream on Facebook and YouTube. We pray that all who share our worship will encounter Jesus and receive new life in His love.

The bulletin is available at please check back later.

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday, January 24, 8:00 and 10:00 AM
Parish Celebration of St. Thomas Aquinas, Our Patron Saint

3er Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario, misa vigilia, 23 de enero a las 6:30 PM
Celebracion parroquial de Santo Tomás de Aquino, nuestro santo patrón

Readings in English: Readings for parish STA celebration English
Booklet with music and Mass parts: Order of Worship St Thomas Aquinas Memorial 1-24-2021

Lecturas en español: Lecturas para la celebración parroquial de STA

If our Masses are a source of encouragement, comfort, and community for you, please share our Facebook or YouTube live-streams with your family, friends, and neighbors. Even though we can’t all be in the same room, we can still be together.