Update, June 3, 2020:  Currently we are limited to no more than 50 people at each Mass, including the priest. This is less than the number of people who want to attend our Masses, so a reservation will be required to attend any weekend (Saturday afternoon or Sunday) Mass. To get on the rotation of people attending Mass in person, please email Terri Kopplin at or call the parish office (608-833-2600) and leave your name, email address, and the number of people from your household who want to attend Mass.  Terri will contact people just before the weekend to let them know whether they will be able to attend Mass that weekend. Bishop Hying as lifted the Sunday Mass obligation until further notice, and we will live-stream Mass at 8:00AM Sunday on Facebook and YouTube as well as our Masses Monday through Friday.

Weekday Masses are not as full, so at this time there is no reservation needed to attend Mass Monday through Friday, but we would still like you to email Terri or call the parish office so we have an idea of how many people to expect. If this changes, and reservations for daily Masses become necessary, we will notify all the people who have sent us their information. Also, if you are able to attend daily Mass and would be willing to NOT attend a weekend Mass to free up an opening for someone who cannot attend during the week, please let us know. Several people have already made this sacrifice, and we are deeply grateful.

We have returned to our regular schedule of Masses, confession, adoration, and devotions, except that the Friday morning Rosary has moved on-line for now.

When you do return to Mass in person, you will notice a number of differences intended to help keep everyone worshiping here safe, comfortable, and healthy.  You can read Return to Mass Guidelines to get an idea of what to expect.

Update, May 29, 2020:  If you want to attend a weekend Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas, please email Terri Kopplin ( to get your name on the list to sign up for an opening at one of the Masses.

On Friday, May 22, the Diocese of Madison announced that public celebrations of the Mass, open to a limited number of people, will resume with the vigil Mass for Pentecost, Saturday afternoon/evening, May 30.  Because of continued risk from the coronavirus, live-stream Masses will still be offered.  The Diocese strongly encourages people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus due to age or underlying health conditions to continue to stay home from Mass and avail themselves of the live-stream.  In addition, anyone who has COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19, or has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 should self-quarantine and stay home until cleared by medical professionals.  Bishop Hying has lifted the Sunday Mass obligation at least through the month of June.

St. Thomas Aquinas will resume its regular Mass and confession schedule with confession at 3:15 PM and the 4:30 PM Mass on Saturday, May 30.  Attendance will be severely limited.  Because of construction, we are only able to live-stream Masses from the Social Hall, not the church, but the capacity in the church is greater than the capacity in the Social Hall.  Therefore, some Masses will be in the Social Hall, and others will be in the Church.

To help us ensure that we do not exceed our attendance limit and still make the Eucharist available to as many different households as possible, please email Terri Kopplin at or telephone the parish office to let us know if you want to attend Mass at the parish on May 30 or 31.

We are implementing a stepped-up schedule of cleaning and sanitizing between Masses, and the Masses themselves will look different.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance, and we urge everyone to use it when they arrive and depart. All staff and ministers will wear face masks. We encourage worshipers to wear masks as well in order to help keep those around you safer and more comfortable.  We will have some masks at the parish to give out in case you forget yours.  There will be no congregational singing, and some Masses will have no music at all.  There will be no physical contact between people at Mass; therefore, we will not pass the peace and offertory baskets will not be passed.  We will have stationary baskets where people can leave their offerings as they arrive or depart. Our ministers of hospitality will guide us as we arrive, leave, and go to Communion to ensure we remain 6 feet apart.  Only the Precious Body will be offered to the people at Communion.  After Mass people will be encouraged not to linger and socialize inside the building after Mass. More information about other changes will be shared as we work out the details.

Starting Saturday, May 30, we will have the following schedule of Mass and confession”

Confession at 3:15 PM in the Lower Conference Room
Mass at 4:30 PM in the church–no music, no live-stream

Mass at 8:00 AM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube; some music
Confession at 9:00 AM in the Lower Conference Room
Mass at 10:00 AM in the church–no music, no live-stream
Mass in Spanish at 6:30 PM in the church–no music, no live-stream

Mass at 8:30 AM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

Mass at 5:30 PM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

Mass at 8:30 AM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

Mass at 7:30 AM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

Mass at 8:30 AM in the social hall–live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube