The Crisis of Discipleship

Pope Benedict XVI coined the phrase “crisis of discipleship” to describe a current predicament in the Church. More people are leaving the Church at a younger age than ever before. Father Bart Timmerman talks about how this crisis plays out in his own family and why he is committed to the New Evangelization. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Madison, WI, aims to spread the message of Jesus Christ within the greater Madison community. When people hear the good news that Jesus is more than their savior and that He also deeply loves them personally and desires their friendship, it can change the way they live. Beginning with parish families, Father wants the new evangelization to reach out to the baptized who have fallen away. With love, prayer and dedication, this new evangelization should ultimately turn the crisis of discipleship into a joyful return to the beauty of the faith.

Whether you are a lifelong Catholic, recently making your way back to Church, or one who simply wonders what the Catholic faith is all about, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church invites you to come visit our parish. Please join us at Mass or call our office to begin the conversation with Fr. Bart and the staff. Get started today on a rich life of loving God, loving each other and making new disciples!