Cornerstone of the New Evangelization

Does Jesus really want to be your friend? Father Bart Timmerman reveals his journey from his head-knowledge of Jesus to his heart-to-heart relationship with Him. What is your definition of grace? Does it come from the Catechism only, or have you recognized that grace also encompasses something more deeply personal? Jesus does, indeed, want to be your friend. Are you willing to experience His presence in your daily walk through life? Father talks about how it can seem scary when you want to answer yes to this question. Self-doubt, sin and fears that Jesus might reject you because you aren’t saintly enough can interfere. However, God’s grace is generously given every moment of our lives by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He loves us and it doesn’t matter that we’re imperfect. He loves us as we are. This is the cornerstone of the New Evangelization. Come see for yourself at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

Whether you are a lifelong Catholic, recently making your way back to Church, or one who simply wonders what the Catholic faith is all about, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church invites you to come visit our parish. Please join us at Mass or call our office to begin the conversation with Fr. Bart and the staff. Get started today on a rich life of loving God, loving each other and making new disciples!