Pandemic Increases Need for Christmas Baskets and SVdP Help

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for Christmas Food Baskets and the assistance offered by our parish St. Vincent de Paul Conference is higher than any recent year. #Giving Tuesday, December 1, lets you help and double your impact!    

Christmas Baskets Must Be Different This Year

Here is a look at Christmas Baskets last year and why we have to do them differently this year. But no matter how many obstacles the pandemic puts in our way, with #Giving Tuesday, December 1, you can help ensure our neighbors have food for Christmas!    

How We Will Fill Christmas Baskets This Year

Aaron and Olivia talk about how we will make sure the Christmas Baskets are filled full this year. And don’t forget #Giving Tuesday, December 1, when you can make sure families are able to buy fresh food to go with their basket!    

Times Are Tough. St. Vincent de Paul Helps.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Parish conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul stands ready to help in so many ways when times are tough, like they are now. Your gift on #Giving Tuesday, December 1, supports their vital work.