Four Reasons to Join a Small Faith Group

Not convinced that small faith groups are for you? In this video, Fr. Bart explains 4 reasons why he has found small faith groups to be vital for both individuals and parish communities.

Importance of Joining a Small Faith Group

As part of our vision for the future, we will be forming Journey groups so that we may all be involved in the mission of our church: to love God, love others and make disciples. Here Fr. Bart shares his insights on the importance of joining a small faith group!

Hospitality During Christmas Mass

During this time of Advent, we may be preparing ourselves for the joy of receiving Christ at Christmas time. At Saint Thomas Aquinas, we also want to make sure we are living out the mission of our church and prepare others in the church and to share the joy to those who are visiting our parish this Christmas. We welcome …

Shedding the Light

The Holy Spirit is alive and moving in our Church! Why are we facing a crisis of discipleship in the Catholic faith? With Mass attendance and baptisms down, we can see that many Catholics have wandered away from the gift of faith. Could it be that the Church has failed to convince people that we experience more than just a …

Cornerstone of the New Evangelization

Does Jesus really want to be your friend? Father Bart Timmerman reveals his journey from his head-knowledge of Jesus to his heart-to-heart relationship with Him. What is your definition of grace? Does it come from the Catechism only, or have you recognized that grace also encompasses something more deeply personal? Jesus does, indeed, want to be your friend. Are you …