Faithful Citizenship for Catholic Christians in Election Season

As Catholic Christians, we are guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Church in all we do, including our voting.  Catholics are called to participate thoughtfully in political life by forming our consciences, educating ourselves on the issues and Catholic teaching, and then voting based on our formed, educated consciences.

COVID-19 Safety Practices at St. Thomas Aquinas

All of us at St. Thomas Aquinas are committed to making the Sacraments of the Church available as widely as possible while keeping everyone who enters our doors healthy.  If you are trying to decide whether it is safe for you to return to Mass, here is a list of what we are doing to protect our members, volunteers, visitors, staff, and clergy.

Live-Stream Mass in English This Weekend

We invite you to join us for Sunday Mass in English at 8:00 AM by live-stream . Here are some aids to help you follow along with the Mass. We pray that all who participate in our live-streams will meet Jesus and find Him as a living presence in our midst.


To help families with children stay connected to our faith and parish when so many of us can’t attend Mass, we are providing a packet of activities and images to color for every Sunday of September. You can print it out at home from the link below or drop by the parish and pick up a copy here.  We have them in the main office next to the Gathering Area.


On Thursday, May 14, Bishop Hying released a statement projecting that the Diocese of Madison will be releasing a plan to resume public worship in some form next week. In view of the diversity of the Diocese, he expects worship to look different in almost all of our parishes.