Diocese of Madison Annual Catholic Appeal 2021

“The Kingdom of God is at Hand”

The theme for the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal of the Diocese of Madison is “The Kingdom of God is at Hand.” We ask that God guide us, and give us the ability to put our faith in Him to allow us the capacity to love and care for those in our parishes, our diocese and the Church throughout the world. We ask that His grace make us even more generous in supporting those needs.

Each pledge to the Annual Catholic Appeal supports diocesan ministries, education and services and assures a strong future for the Diocese of Madison and the people that it serves.

This year each of us is asked to consider making a pledge, payable over six months.  Your gift will help enable the diocese to reach its goal and provide to the ministries supported by the appeal.

If you received your pledge form in the mail, please complete it and mail it back.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous response.